How I get paid to TRAVEL the WORLD and Speak at Conferences While Seeing The World!!

My Best Tips:
How to Become a Speaker, Author or Trainer and Get PAID for it!


  1. The are communities that you can join. Our Facebook community is a free group where we give LOTS of great tips. Join us there
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  2. Select a topic that is actually going to make money. If you are a great step-parent that is GREAT! But if you want to travel the world speaking on ‘How to Be a Great Step Parent’. That’s probably not a great idea.
  3. Look at the topics that are getting paid to speak at the conferences you want to speak at. It is most likely something on personal growth, motivation, leadership, sales training or a business building tool.
  4. Form strategic partnerships not with other speakers but with promoters! Who is the person hosting the conference? That is who you want to get to know. Not the other speakers. There is nothing wrong with networking with other speakers but the behind the scenes promoters are really where it’s at.
  5. How do you get a #1 best seller on Amazon? You drive traffic to the book on a specific date. So you get all your customers to buy the book on a certain day and then you become a #1 best seller because you were #1 that day. Is it kind of cheesy? Yeah, I think it is and when you know how it’s done it makes the title of #1 best seller less meaningful. But if you don’t yet have a story about your brand or you it doesn’t hurt to have a “#1 best seller’. But don’t get all wrapped up in this. It’s not worth that much because the people who matter know how you did it.
  6. Have a product to sell at the back of the room. Do I have books? Yes. Are they on my product table? NEVER! Why? Because I can sell a book for $19.95 but I can sell my online course for $300-$500. Which one do you think I want you to buy? Online courses, audio courses, etc have a much higher perceived value. Create these and treat books as business cards to give away to get meetings. (Unless you get a book deal and then….GOOD FOR YOU!)
  7.  Join a Toastmasters group if you are not practiced in public speaking. They are very good and teaching the basics and developing good habits.
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  8. Collect emails or contact info at every speech!! I have 3 goals at every speech.
    #1 Get paid (Either a speaking fee or product sales or BOTH)
    #2 Deliver a DYNAMIC talk
    #3 Offer something free in exchange for their email address. I might say ,’Text the word FREE to this phone number to get my slides for free’. They text and I get their email address in exchange.CALL TO ACTION—> Once again, join our Facebook group for more tips on the speaking business!! The are communities that you can join. Our Facebook community is a free group where we give LOTS of great tips. Join us there