Two time USA Memory Champion and memory training expert Ron White memory guy shares the audience evaluations from a recent speech:

Okay, I admit it. As a speaker I love to see the evaluations. I have used them to become a better speaker and after 20 years of speaking I do believe I have honed my craft. I recently spoke for a conference in Austin, Texas and was pleased with the feedback I received from the audience. Below is the unaltered feedback from the group on my memory training keynote as the memory expert.

June 20 – 22, 2011 – Austin, Texas 86 Responses Received
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Ron White
Key:    1 = Strongly Agree   2 = Agree    3 = Somewhat Agree   4 = Disagree    5 = Strongly Disagree
1 2 3 4 5 Average
1. The subject presented was useful and worthwhile. 26 17 2 0 0 1.47
2. The time allocated for the presentation was appropriate. 30 14 0 1 0 1.38
3. I will be able to apply what I learned to my occupation. 21 19 5 0 0 1.64
4. Speaker knew the subject matter and could address questions/inquiries regarding the topic. 39 6 0 0 0 1.13
5. The speaker was able to keep my attention. 38 6 1 0 0 1.18
6. The overall content exceeded my expectations. 25 17 3 0 0 1.51
7. Would you recommend this session to a colleague? Yes = 46 No = 0
Please note any comments about the session.
Very good session. One of the more memorable, no pun intended.
Best general session I have attended.
It was both amazing and fun.  I still remember the 10 items and their places in the room.
Great opening session.
One of the best opening session speakers I’ve experienced.  Thanks!
Really liked this!
A little more tricks to remember would be helpful
This session amazed me – I still think Ron White has a talent for his memory that some of us may not quite have – but I will try to use the
information he gave me and I thoroughly enjoyed the session.
Ron has given me hope that my faulty memory can be improved.  I have already put some of his tips into practice and will be delving into memory
development even more in the near future.
Wish he could have spent a little more time getting into details of how to make visual associations with names.
Great session! I spent the rest of the day working to apply the memory lessons.
Pretty awesome presentation.  Easy to implement and to begin to see immediate results.  


I hope that one day you allow me the opportunity to educate, entertain and motivate your group on the power of a trained memory. It will be a POWERFUL talk that will leave everyone laughing and amazed at how great their own human computer is. This talk is about increase productivity, performance and confidence as much as it is about developing a super power memory.