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Nat Geo Brain Games Memory Test

Okay, so you think that your memory is as good as a USA memory champion?

Here is a test created by the National Geographic Show Brain Games for their 3 part series.

It is a fun memory game. There is a way to memorize a list of words very easy and I have written an article on this that can be found at http://www.brainathlete.com/memory-palace/. This article really describes how I (or any person using a memory system even a USA Memory Champion or World Memory Champion can memorize FREAKISH amounts of memory and I mean FREAKISH!!.

Using the Memory Palace that I describe above I have memorized an 800 digit number in one hour at the World Memory Championships and many have memorized 2000 digits during the same event. So in reality, with a system this test put on by the National Geographic Channel Brain Games Show below is very easy. But that doesn’t meant that it isn’t also really fun. Try it out…

Until then, play this fun memory game by Nat Geo


So Cool To Be on Nat Geo Channel Brain Games Show!

I must confess I wasn’t originally going to watch the National Geographic Show Brain Games from home! Okay, I was going to watch it from home but I wasn’t going to watch it live because I had tickets to the Texas Ranger baseball playoffs!

Then…the game two of the ALCS got rained out and the next thing you know I am sitting at home watching Brain Games as it aired for the first time on National Geographic obviously with so many of you!! What a thrill! It was a great treat to watch the show and simultaneously be Tweeting from my Twitter account http://www.twitter.com/memorytraining I gained about 150 new Twitter followers during the show.

I must confess I was a little disappointed with how frazzled I looked during the show. I got up at 4am and fly to NYC to be filming by 9am and then on a plane coming home at 5pm. So it was a fly and dash day and I look a little more than frazzled in the show. Yet, that is how it had to be.

It was a ton of fun and an honor to be in the same show as my boy hood hero David Copperfield. Yes the same magician who ‘walked’ through the Great Wall of China. How is that David always looks so cool, GQ and smooth and I look like I just came out of living with a family of 4 bears in a cave for 6 months?

Nevertheless, here is a clip of the show. WHAT FUN!!!



National Geographic Brain Games! Ron White Memory Guy

The next time I am on the National Geographic Channel I think I will get a good nights sleep I look WORN out! HA! I will also wear a bit nicer shirt, but hey…I have never been accused of being a fashion king :)

Regardless, here is a preview of the Nat Geo Channel show Brain Games! set to air October 9th. In this segment I was taken to Times Square and I memorized the serial numbers that people had in their pockets on money. The deal was if I could recall the serial numbers I would get to keep the money and if I couldn’t I would double it and give it back to the people.

In this clip, I talk with three fun girls as they were on a vacation to New York City.

This is going to be a fun show about several aspects of the brain and will also feature David Copperfield. I am excited about being a part of a show with a magician that I remember sitting on my parents living room floor watching walk through the Great Wall of China as a kid! Now we are part of a show together! As a kid I dressed up as the Incredible Hulk for Halloween when I was 8 and this May I spoke at a conference with the Incredible Hulk (Lou Ferrigno), looks like my life as a kid is coming to full circle as an adult. Now if I speak at a conference with the crew from the A-Team or Knight Rider this is going to be too weird :)

The good news is that anyone can improve their memory to this level and at the end of the clip I give a few tips on how to improve your memory. Memory is more about dedication that DNA. Memory is what you make it. Memory training works if you push your mind.

Be sure to tune into the Brain Games! on National Geographic Channel October 9th for the debut!


Brain Games! National Geographic Channel Memory Guy

Check out this video! I missed it!! Watch CLOSELY!!

This is from the new show on the National Geographic Channel, Brain Games! that I am a part of starting Sept 2011. This is going to be an awesome show and of course National Geographic is one of my favorite channels only second to the History Channel and baseball.

This is going to be an educational, fun and powerful show on the power of the human mind!

Check out this video that is from the show:


Brain Games! National Geographic Channel

I am EXCITED to be a part of the National Geographic Channel’s new show Brain Games!

SUNDAY OCTOBER 9th 10pm EST is my portion but entire show airs at 8pm EST. It is a 3 hour special!!

This is going to be a FUN, FUN, FUN show!! How cool is it to be a part of it with one of the coolest guys, magician David Copperfield! (and no, I didn’t get to meet Mr. Copperfield. Yet! ha!)

For my part in this program we went to New York City and I did the standard memorizing names of people as they pass by. Yeah, I know – I did that on the History Channel but it is always a good warm-up :)

From there we approached people at the wax museum in New York City and I memorized a deck of cards in front of them. It was fun!

There was also a unique challenge were I would approach random people in NYC and challenge them that I could memorize the serial numbers on the dollar bills in their pockets. If I could then I got to keep the cash and if I couldn’t then I would double the $$ and give it back to them. How did it turn out? You have to watch the show…

The National Geographic Channel was very professional and fun. I am 100% confident this is going to be an awesome show. This clip of Brain Games! with Copperfield above is my first peak at the program and I can tell it is going to be awesome.

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