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Memorize Phone Numbers

Does Ron White memory expert use an organizer or day timer? Do I use my cell phone to save phone numbers? Sure I do.

Back when I was a kid we walked to school in 3 feet of snow and it was uphill both ways!! Okay, actually not. But that doesn’t mean things weren’t a lot then they are now….

Back in the day MTV was a channel that played MUSIC videos! :)

If you needed to make a phone call and you were not at home you looked for a phone booth.

If you wanted to call a friend, you had 10 numbers in your speed dial and the rest you memorized!

Today? Do we still have a rolodex of phone numbers in our brains? Of course, not. When I phones are lost, damaged or stolen we run to our email or Facebook account and ask everyone to send us their numbers so we can program it in our new phone.

My challenge to you and your memory is to learn how to memorize the phone numbers of your 20 closest friends or most frequent calls. Not only will it be a good memory building exercise for you. It will also give you the ability to call your friends should you ever lose your phone!

As usual the key to memorizing anything is to turn it into a picture and store it to what we call files or what Simonedes (the father of memory training) referred to as loci (Latin word meaning place). With a little memory training you should have no problem recalling the numbers of 100s of people. So enjoy your project and get to work on becoming a human phone book!

Here is a video on memorizing numbers

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