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So Cool To Be on Nat Geo Channel Brain Games Show!

I must confess I wasn't originally going to watch the National Geographic Show Brain Games from home! Okay, I was going to watch it from home but I wasn't going to watch it live because I had tickets to the Texas Ranger baseball playoffs! Then...the game two of the ALCS got rained out and the

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Brain Games! National Geographic Channel Memory Guy

Check out this video! I missed it!! Watch CLOSELY!! This is from the new show on the National Geographic Channel, Brain Games! that I am a part of starting Sept 2011. This is going to be an awesome show and of course National Geographic is one of my favorite channels only second to the History

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Brain Games! National Geographic Channel

I am EXCITED to be a part of the National Geographic Channel's new show Brain Games! SUNDAY OCTOBER 9th 10pm EST is my portion but entire show airs at 8pm EST. It is a 3 hour special!! This is going to be a FUN, FUN, FUN show!! How cool is it to be a part

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