Memory Training Question

Do You Really Have To Use Memory Systems? Hey guys! I want to talk about something that I think everyone is kind of really feeling when they sign up for a memory course or memory training,  but they don’t always verbalize it. One of my coaching clients said to me last week, “Ron, I really […]

Spaced Repetition and long term memory

Master Spaced Repetition What is spaced repetition and how you can use it to improve your memory?  I have used spaced repetition to memorize more and also to commit information to long term memory.  Studies show that if you learn information today but you do not study any of it for the next 6 days, you will […]

How to Stay Focused | Learn to Stay Focused

Tips on How to Stay Focused Hi everyone. I am Ron White, 2 time USA memory champion, without the ability to focus, I would’ve never become a national memory champion. These are my tips and strategies on how to stay focus. Now first of all, Why do you need to focus? Why can’t you just […]

Better habits creates a better memory

How to improve memory with good habits Are you’re stressed out because you have a bad memory?  I can show your how to improve memory with good habits. Step 1: Getting enough sleep We have all heard it said a million times and it is the truth.  Without a good night’s rest, you are not able to […]

Mind Palace Versus the Story Memory Method

This week I received a phone call from someone who is going to do a memory test of sorts. They are going to take 2 people and teach one person the memory or mind palace memory method and then teach the other the memory story method and see which one wins. Basically, the memory palace […]