Super Pick Up Artist Ronnie White

Mind Palace

Super Pick Up Artist Ronnie White Gives Some of Best Lines   Disclaimer: First of all I wouldn’t consider myself a pick up artist. Instead I am a memory expert and a memory champion. It has been a joke with my friends for years that I could use my memory skills to memorize girl’s phone […]

Ronnie White Memory Man

Ronnie White Memory Champ on his toughest memory challenge ever performed on a stage I have done a lot of memory demonstrations. In 2009, I set a USA record by memorizing a deck of 52 shuffled cards in 1 minute and 17 seconds. That same year I also memorized a 167 digit number in 5 […]

Memory Champion Superhuman

memory champion superhuman

Memory Champion Superhuman: Ronnie White explains how he did it What was it like to be the memory champion superhuman on the show Superhumans (by Stan Lee)? It was an incredibly fun and challenging time. There were 2 real main challenge for me in my memory champion superhuman challenge. They wanted me to meet a […]

Ronnie White Pick Up Artist Remembers Phone Numbers

Ronnie White pick up artist remember girl's phone numbers

Ronnie White Pick Up Artist or normal human with Super Memory? How do I like it when I am referred to as Ronnie White Pick Up Artist? Well, it’s not my favorite thing to be called to be honest with you? I mean who really wants to be known as a pick up artist? I […]