You Didn’t Make The Sale

When You Don’t Make The Sale So you didn’t make the sale. They didn’t want to do business with you. Your product was not for them…not right now, at least. Now that is the key word. Not right now…. That is the key word… Not now. Just because you didn’t catch them at the right […]

Ron White’s Christmas 2013 Memory Training Special Offer

Ron White’s Christmas 2013 Memory Training and CD Special!!! When shopping for Christmas gifts, you can purchase video games, shoes, clothes, computers or toys. But what if you had a chance on on Christmas: – Buy a student the relief of stress from test taking – Buy a student the confidence of giving speeches without […]

Memory Training – Ron White Memory – Brain Athlete Package

SPECIAL OPPORTUNITY! Learn the memory secrets of 2 Time USA Memory Champion Ron White! This is Ron’s core basic that gives you all the fundamentals that you need to build a powerful memory with 6 CDs, a memory DVD and the most powerful memory book (in ebook format) ever written! Memory in a Month is […]