Sherlock Holmes BBC Mind Palace

I have been teaching people the Mind Palace for 22 years but it seems to of gained recent fame with the BBC television series Sherlock and the CBS show Elementary. Both are series depicting different versions of modern day Sherlock Holmes. Sherlock in both the series has the great ability to observe facts that most […]

My goal to learn Spanish

Well, last year June 2013 I had planned to set out to become fluent in Spanish. I had to admit it but it looks like June 2014 will roll around with the goal unrealized. Life and business just simply got in the way. I have been very busy building my new memory course, ‘Black Belt […]

The Day I Met Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell

It was August 9th, 2009 and I had been back from Afghanistan for 2 years and was still a Navy reservist. I was speaking at a Brick Layers Association conference at the University of Notre Dame. I remember being picked up at the airport and as I was collecting my bags I saw on the […]

Network Marketing Speaker

2 Time USA Memory Champion, Ron White, teaches Network Marketers to build relationships Improved memory and brain function = impoved productivity, profits and performance How good are you at remembering names? Is it costing your network marketing organization? What if everyone in your organization could remember 100 new names in the next 12 months? Do […]

Christmas Memory Training Special Mexican Lady

Ron’s Mexican friend, Catherina, talks about his Christmas special!! mobile phone viewers watch video here: Ron White’s Christmas 2013 Memory Training and CD Special!!! When shopping for Christmas gifts, you can purchase video games, shoes, clothes, computers or toys. But what if you had a chance on on Christmas: – Buy a student the […]

Gut Bacteria Affects Brain

Growing evidence shows that diet and bacteria from the digestive tract can influence our thoughts, behavior, and mood. Researchers have found evidence of “leaky gut” among people with depression.  Typically, the digestive system is enclosed by an impermeable wall of cells but is compromised by certain medical conditions and behaviors such as regular use of […]

Stress Harms Mind and Body

Although stress aids in our survival, living in a chronic state of stress can be detrimental to both the body and the mind. This is how it works: When the brain perceives a threat, several structures within it are activated and go on alert such as the hypothalamus, amygdala, and the pituitary glands. These structures […]

How to Memorize and Learn Spanish

One of my biggest goals right now is to become fluent in Spanish. I have so many goals and things I am working on: Getting my online memory training program going (Black Belt Memory) Writing my book about the Afghanistan Memory Wall Building me email newsletter (ezine) list Getting speeches, etc Staying fit just normal […]

Mad Science

A growing number of scientists believe that schizophrenia is not caused by bad genes or by a difficult upbringing. Some scientists believe that the disease develops from an infection. Tests have shown that those afflicted with the disease have a hard time walking a straight line heel to toe and can’t touch their face with […]

How Emotion Helps Your Remember

Game 5 of the 2010 World Series, 7th inning my girlfriend was talking smack in my ear and the Rangers had just lost the lead and most likely in the 7th inning with a hom.e run off Cliff Lee. An hour later we were walking to my car. 3 hours later we were broken up […]