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The last time this was offered was 4 YEARS ago and this is only the second time ever. If this would help you, grab your spot now. Only a few spots remaining 

Let’s talk on the phone (or Skype if you are out of USA).
Me and you.
1 on 1.
Up close and personal.

I’ll teach you like I taught on Nat Geo or History Channel
except it will be 1 on 1.

What is it that you are having trouble remembering
right now?
What are you struggling with learning?

Are you terrible at names? I can give you my 5 step process.

Does your son/daughter need to know how to memorize
the presidents real fast for a test? I show you a SIMPLE
way to memorize school work

Do you need to give a business speech and want to know
how to do it without relying on notes? Would that make
a difference in your presentation. I will give you my personal
method for memorizing speeches.

Does your son/daughter need to know how to memorize
their speech for a school project?

Do you have a test coming up you need to know how to
study and prepare for? (I can show you how to memorize
100 points for any exam and lock them in and KNOW them)

Are you trying to learn a new topic and feel stuck? We can
jump start that. We can cut your learning curve by 2/3

Are you in sales and always leave something out of your
presentation because you forget and it’s costing you big?

Does your brain feel slow, sluggish and drained and you need
to know if you are feeding it the wrong brain foods? (I will give
you a list of what to eat)

Look, whatever it is that you need to memorize right now or
maybe you just want to give your son/daughter an advantage
in school for the 2nd half of the year, I can help.

I’ve charged someone $40,000 for 3 months of memory coaching
before (seriously). And he was thrilled. I coached him to recall all
900 employees names in his company. He said it was a bargain.

But let’s talk on the phone:
1 phone call 30-45 minutes coaching you on your desired memory
topic with email support before/after call

This is limited to people who:
1. Sign up before January 10th at midnight
2. The first 30 people (whichever happens first)

How much? $97.
That’s right. $97 and I will be your personal coach.
That is without question the least you could expect to
pay while getting quality personal memory coaching.

First 30 to click this link and invest get it:

The way it works:
1. After you enroll I will email you asking you what you need
help with.
2. You will email me your topic. (Names, book you are struggling
with, topic your son/daughter needs help memorizing, whatever
you want to memorize/learn faster)
3. I will develop a strategy and we will have the call in next
week or so (can be sooner or later if you need it to be)
4. I will follow up with email and action steps

$97. You are going to spend $97 this week on something and not recall it
in a week. Why not invest $97 for a lifetime skill.

Here is the link again:

I’m not a phone person, so this is RARE and won’t be happening
many times in the future (if ever)

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