Part I of Crazy Story

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This week I’m going to tell you a story about the craziest thing
that ever happened to me at a speech. I’m also going to show
you why you should care and what it means for you.

First of all, the story. Here is Part I

It was 2010 and I was giving a speech in Dallas for a company
named Ryan, Inc and the CEO is Brint Ryan. I hadn’t heard of
Brint and didn’t think too much of it.

15 minutes into my speech I memorized a 50 digit # that the group
created (by yelling it out) and I never saw, but  repeated it
from memory.

At this point, Brint Ryan yells out, ‘Ron if you can teach me to do
that I’ll give you $100,000!!!’

The audience laughed, I laughed and we all moved on. Surely it
was a joke and he wasn’t serious. Right? I mean he was paying
me to give that speech and it wasn’t close to a $100,000 fee.

So I moved on and gave my 1 hour keynote.

As I wrapped up my speech I said, ‘Ok, now I will go back to that
50 digit # from 45 minutes ago and repeat it from memory.’

A gentlemen at the back of the room yells out, ‘Hey
Ron! I can say the 50 digit # now I’ve been studying it!!’

Without a moments hesitation Brint responds, ‘If you say the #
I’ll give YOU the $100,000!!’

I’m thinking, ‘Wait a minute?! I already said it!’

Then the craziest scene in 24 years of speaking unfolded in
front of my eyes.

The man at the back of the room (Gerry Ridgely AKA Big Dog)
says the 50 digit # and Brint wrote him a check for $100,000!!!



I stood there stunned at what I had just witnessed.

A few days later Gerry emailed me and said, ‘Ron! I cashed the
check. The $100k is in my bank, I owe you dinner!’


You don’t owe me dinner.

You owe me a CAR!!

Gerry and I had dinner but that is just the start of the story.

This turned out to be a big deal for me and a first for me
in many ways.

You are going to be the one to benefit from this.

I’ll tell you more tomorrow and why in part II.

Stay tuned

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