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I was on the first season of Stan Lee’s Superhumans History Channel. I was in the final episode titled ‘Jaw Breaker’. The superhuman before me was a guy who claimed to have superhuman chi powers. It kind of looked phony to me and to a lot of others I suppose. But then I got my chance to demonstrate my ‘superhuman’ memory ability.

They did a series of tests on me at an MRI at the University of Texas and came to some interesting conclusions that I will comment on in another blog. For now I will talk about how I did one of the memory demonstrations on the show. In one of my memory demonstrations they took me to a Home Depot store and they had me walk around the store with the host of Superhumans History Channel Daniel Browning Smith and memorize the prices of the products on the shelf. Then we went to the cash register and they compared my memory to what the cash register said.

They took the items out of the cart and scanned them and then with my back to the cash register screen I said out loud what I remembered the price to be.

On the show on the last item the computer disagreed with me so I asked for a price check and …well…the computer was wrong (or should I say the person who typed it into the computer originally was wrong). So I got 100% correct.

Memory Guy Stan Lee's Superhumans History Channel

Memory Guy Stan Lee’s superhumans

So how did I do it?


I have a person and a verb for every 2 digit #. For example:

– my person for the number 03 is Uncle Sam and the verb is pointing (like on the US Army poster)
– 25 is Neil Armstrong and the verb is walking
– 35 is Muhammed Ali and the verb is boxing
– 36 is Michael Jackson is moonwalking
– 65 is my friend Ashley and the verb is smiling

Don’t try and figure out why each person is assigned to each number. That’s a different lesson but for now just accept that I have a person assigned to each number. The Cliff Note’s version to that though is that in my brain 2 = N and 3 = M. You will notice above that every time there is a 2 that name starts with an N and every time there is a 3 that name starts with an M. So maybe you get the idea.

This is how it fits together. If I have the price $25.35 I see Neil Armstrong boxing. If the price is $35.25 I see Muhammed Ali walking. So the first pair is the person and the second pair is the verb.

Then when I was at the store and let’s say they selected a hammer. I would look at the hammer for something that would catch my eye. Let’s say it had a plastic handle grip. I would then zone in on that grip and if the price was $25.35 I would imagine Neil Armstrong boxing that plastic handle grip. so at the cash register I was simply looking for the distinguishing feature of each product and then I would remember the picture on that product and that told me the price

At the end of the show Stan Lee then said, ‘Wow, Ron really does push his Superhuman memory to the max’ and that was cool to hear. But I do know it is a system and the result of preparation and visualizing pictures and that is how I did it on Superhumans History Channel.

If you want to see the episode of Superhumans History Channel it is here

Stan Lee Superhumans

History Channel 2 Stan Lee’s Superhumans

And that my friends is how I did one of my memory demonstrations on that show and earn a spot on Superhumans History Channel

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