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Ronnie White pick up artist

Ronnie White Pick Up Artist or normal human with Super Memory?

How do I like it when I am referred to as Ronnie White Pick Up Artist? Well, it’s not my favorite thing to be called to be honest with you? I mean who really wants to be known as a pick up artist? I wouldn’t classify myself that way.

So where did this get started, when did I get the nickname Ronnie White pick up artist? I think we can trace it back to the 2009 USA Memory Championships. I won that championship and then afterwards my two great friends Chester and Ram who are also USA Memory Champions we all went out for drinks.

I was on a high. I had just claimed the top spot as top memorizer in the USA and so when we were out for drinks my confidence was definitely at a high.

Chester was doing magic and I went to the bar for drinks. A cute girl at the bar slid her credit card across the bar to pay her tab and as she did I memorized the credit card number. I then turned to her and repeated.

She said, ‘What’s that?’

I said, ‘It’s your credit card number.’

She was impressed, but she wasn’t happy. Ha đŸ™‚

Then the story just built from there. Every time it got told it went from Ronnie White USA Memory Champion to Ronnie White pick up artist.

It went from I had trained my memory to an extremely high level to compete in memory tournaments to Ronnie White pick up artist uses his memory to memorize the phone numbers of girls at country bars.


So did I start doing it?

Yeah I guess I did.

Once a girl was giving me her number and as I memorized it she said, ‘Don’t you want to write this down?’ I replied, ‘I am.’ My friends laughed and kept up the idea of Ronnie White pick up artist.

But here is the truth. I am more of a memory expert than anything.

Here is MORE of the truth…

Anyone can do the memory stunts I do.


1. The core of the technique that I teach is something called the Mind Palace. It is where you memorize a map of your house and then you image whatever you want to remember on pieces of furniture in your house.

2. I have pictures for every number. The #2 for me is a duck because a duck’s neck looks like a #2

Ronnie White picture for 2

Duck’s neck looks like a 2

Fork and Plate look like a 10

Fork and plate look like a 10

Pictures for Numbers

So when a girl gives me numbers I see the pictures and then I imagine them on furniture in my house. If the girl’s phone number started with 102 I might imagine a fork and plate on the first piece of furniture in my room and then a duck on the next piece. Then boom….

I know that girl’s number started with 102.

Now to be known as Ronnie White pick up artist I have to do a little more than that.

I mean how can you memorize multiple phone numbers and get good at it?

Well more rooms in your house and practice. Check out for more tips on this.

I will take the pick up artist title but I would rather be known for what I am, a memory expert and memory champion.

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