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Memory Champion Superhuman: Ronnie White explains how he did it

What was it like to be the memory champion superhuman on the show Superhumans (by Stan Lee)?

It was an incredibly fun and challenging time.

memory champion superhuman

There were 2 real main challenge for me in my memory champion superhuman challenge.

They wanted me to meet a group of people and remember their names. This is how I did that:

Next I had to memorize numbers. The way you memorize numbers is you have pictures for those numbers.

For example 10 is a fork and plate because it kind of looks like a fork and plate.

8 is snowman because of the shape. So I have a picture for every 2 digit number 00-99.

Here are a few tips on turning numbers into pictures

So when I was the memory champion superhuman I used both these skills.

For the name:

1. I turned the name into a picture and imagine it on their faces

2. For the numbers I turned them into pictures and imagined them on objects in my home (my mind palace)

My suggestions to you if you wanted to develop a memory that you could be proud of is to:

1. Create pictures for common names (Steve = stove, Lisa = Mona lisa, Brian = brain, etc)

2. Create pictures for numbers 00-99. There is a method to doing this and make sure you check that out at

To get some really more GREAT training on how I did this on Superhumans and how you can as well go here

The greatest thing a person could take away from this is that anyone can improve their memory and I hope that is what you took away.

Oh, and no I never met Stan Lee but the host Daniel Browning Smith became a great friend.

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