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Ronnie White memory guy from Texas Stan Lee’s Superhumans


You’ve seen Ronnie on many tv shows memorizing numbers, names, details and facts about people.

Did you see him on Stan Lee’s Superhumans in 2010?

Ronnie White memory expert appeared in the final episode of season 1 of Stan Lee’s Superhumans. It began as he went to a track in Austin, Texas where a group of joggers set out on a 3 mile run. As the runners began the race Ron shook their hands and got their names, then as they crossed the finish line he called out their names. This was a tough challenge because the runners did not cross the finish line in the same order and in addition the track had hundreds of runners and only 50 or so did Ron meet. As the runners crossed the finish line he had to sort through if he had met them or not.

Next, they went to the University of Texas at Austin and conducted scientific studies on Ron’s brain. Ron was the first person in the history of this series of tests to score a perfect 100% and it was determined that Ron uses 35% more of his brain than the average person whenever he memorizes!

The final scene took Ron to a Home Depot where he memorized the prices of 60 products and then compared his memory to the Home Depot computer. The Home Depot computer was incorrect 3 times and Ron was flawless!

A true Superhuman experience on Stan Lee’s Superhumans!

Here is a recent blog of how he describes how to remember names and numbersĀ

Some info from the above blog:

Tips on how he memorizes numbers:

  • Ronnie uses a technique known as the Mind Palace. This is the same technique he used on Stan Lee’s Superhumans to memorize numbers at Home Depot. Here is the Mind Palace technique

2. To memorize number Ronnie creates a picture for every number. For example 10 is a fork and plate because it look like a number 10 (kinda. haha)

Ronnie White memorizes phone numbers with pictures

Fork and plate look like a number 10

Ronnie White memorizes phone numbers

12 Dozen eggs

So if the girl’s phone number starts with 1012 he will image a fork and plate with eggs.

It is more detailed than this of course and he has perfected it to do it really fast. But that is the general version.

To get good at this you need:

  1. Pictures for every 2 digit number (3 digit number if you have the time to create those)
  2. A well established Mind Palace

If you have these things you should be able to walk into any bar in the world and get 10 girl’s phone numbers and using 10 different rooms in your Mind Palace memorize phone numbers with ease.

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