Waking Your Conscious Mind While You Dream

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  • Posted on:February 4, 2014
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What is lucid dreaming?

A lucid dream is a one in which you experience consciousness.

lucid-dream-flying Consciousness is usually achieved when the dreamer notices something  so absurd that it cannot possibly be real life. Dreams are bizarre more often than not but the incongruities do not always stand out. Once the dreamer has trained his mind to look out for these incongruities, he/she can dictate the dream and fully appreciate it in explicit detail, down to the textures. If you have every wanted to fly you can do so in a lucid dream. A lucid dream can ” make your dreams come true.”

How to experience a lucid dream

If you have never had a lucid dream before, here are a couple of techniques that will help you achieve one.

As you are drifting into sleep, start to imagine what you would like to dream about and keep it on your mind as you fall asleep. This will prepare your unconscious and compel your mind to renounce control over the dream.

If that doesn’t work, you can try pinching yourself frequently throughout the day. This habit will eventually carry over into your dreams. When you do pinch yourself in your dream the lack of pain should be enough to wake you.

A lucid dream will only last between 10 and 15 minutes as your conscious  gets tired or when your unconscious retakes control. Don’t be afraid when you find yourself in a lucid dream, take control of it and experience the environment like you can never experience in real life.

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  • Brainy

    at 12:57 pm

    In college, I read a book by the same name (Lucid Dreaming) and was very interested in it. I was able to become lucid in my dream many time, but never able to make it last for very long (10-15 seconds perhaps). Thanks for bringing this back to my attention 🙂

  • Rodney Hooks

    at 7:15 am

    Hey Sarai. I am interested in a seminar.

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