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  • Posted on:December 15, 2013
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TIPS to staying focused

  •  Your environment has a great impact on how well you stay focused. Studying or working from home provides you with too many distractions whether it’s your cat that keeps sitting on your keyboard or the TV and phone that offers an appeal. The best way to minimize interruptions is by choosing a place where you can find peace. The library for example is the perfect environment. It’s always quiet and the walls of books provide encouragement. A coffee shop is also a good place to work or study and it conveniently offers a boost of energy if you need it.
  •  Intrusive thoughts can also hold you back. If anxiety is keeping you from focusing on a task then you will need to confront that angst before you can achieve focus. Try writing your thoughts in a journal or talking to a friend or family member. Writing or talking will help you recognize that all your problems can be resolved. Tackle things as they come. Worrying too much resolve issues.
  •  Sometimes it’s hard to know where to start. If this is overwhelming your mind, just start with the first thing you think of. Once you get started you’ll find that everything will start to flow and fall into place. Don’t over think it, just do it.
  •  Do you procrastinate? The best way to tackle this is by recognizing what it is that is distracting you. It could be that much of your time is spent on social networks. If this is distracting you then it is a good idea to deactivate your Facebook or Twitter account until you can finish the task at hand. If your procrastination is because you fear you won’t do a good enough job or because you may not know how to do something then do some research. Don’t let anything stop you.
  •  If you find a complete lack of motivation then perhaps it’s time to reevaluate what you are doing.  If you’re in school and you hate your classes or if you hate your job then maybe you should change your life’s direction. If it’s a lack of discipline that impairs you then consider this, the most important time to show up is when you least feel like it. Put this thought into practice and over time you will see a change in your behavior.

There are so many different things that can be affecting your focus. Whatever they may be you must first identify them and find a way to squash them. The human brain


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