Habits That Will Make You Miserable

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  • Posted on:February 21, 2014
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Some people will agree that we are constantly in the pursuit for happiness and then start to wonder if one will ever truly reach that point. If you are one of these people then consider this question. Are your habits making you miserable? Here is a list of  a few bad habits you may identify with, squash them and then you will feel positively delighted.


*You stray away from the unfamiliar

Sticking to the usual familiar things and ideas can keep your life from feeling rich and fulfilling. You don’t have to completely accept new things or ideas but merely understanding or entertaining new theories will keep you feeling adventurous. Look for ways to challenge yourself, big or small. Learn a new skill, pick up a hobby, take an exotic vacation, anything that is out of the norm for you.

*Bypassing your downtime

 You must find time to rest and renew in order to perform at your peak. Find time to rest mentally and physically between each task you perform whether it is a quick task or a more time consuming task. Finding time to regroup will better your chances for getting things right.

*Putting up with the same displeasures 

You do not have to put up things, especially when they regularly affect your well being. Maybe you’ve been putting up with disregard from your boss or a colleague. Do something about it. If you don’t like your job, quit. Or maybe it doesn’t have to come to that. Voice our thoughts and be respected.

 *Obsessing in despair

 Heart ache is part of what makes us human. It builds strength and the experience embodies us with wisdom. When it’s hard to over come pain surround yourself with good people. Appreciate the eye opening experience and move on one step at a time.

*Disregarding your passions

Your heart and spirit need nourishment just as much as your body does. You get spiritual nourishment when you pursue your curiosities and interests. Never let go of the things that move you, instead loose yourself in what you love and follow your dreams.

*Expecting a miracle

We have all heard this before, you can’t wait for things to happen, you have to make things happen. It’s true through and through. Opportunity won’t jus fall in your lap, you have to go look for it. Work hard, meet the right people, read, and learn the best ways to achieve your goals.



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