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  • Posted on:January 28, 2014
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Examine Their Face

Pay close attention the a person’s face and look for clues such as red coloring on the cheeks. Other micro clues include ¬†flaring of the nostrils, nibbling on ¬†the lips, deep breathing and rapid blinking. Don’t let that smile fool you.

Note Their Body Language

Often times liars will place their hands behind their back or cross their arms to avoid fidgeting. There isn’t just one single feature that will expose a liar so you should also observe whether or not face, body, speech, and voice are in sync.

Notice Their Smile

A genuine smile will incorporate both the eyes and the lips. Visit the link to see how well you can discriminate a fake smile from a real smile.


Listen To Their Voice

Pay attention to the person’s speech. Is their speech’s rate speeding up or slowing down? What about their breathing. If you notice changes in their pattern of speaking and breathing, chances are they are lying to you.

Consider The Words They Are NOT Using

Liars will try to distance themselves from the lie they are telling so they are likely to avoid using words like I, Me, or Mine. You should also know that liars will have trouble with complex thought so they will tend to avoid the exclusionary words but, except, nor.

Uncharacteristic Behavior

If you are questioning whether a person is telling the truth or now, it could be because you notice changes in how they would generally conduct themselves. Maybe they are using hand gestures as they speak when they generally don’t. They may also point their feet away from the conversation as if they are trying to get away.

Eye Contact

Looking away from a conversation is completely normal but most of us have learned to believe that a liar will avoid eye contact. If a person is keeping their eyes on your gaze through the conversation they could be over compensating for this.

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