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Guess who I got a text message from today? Ok, if you read the headline you can probably guess it! My good friend and human calculator Scott Flansburg. When I say Scott is my friend I don’t just mean we were on The History Channel Show Superhumans together. I mean Scott is really my friend. We had been in the same circle of friends for years and even chatted a few times on the phone. Then one day he updated his Facebook status that he was hanging out in St. Kildie beach! Are you kidding me?!!

Here is Scott and I at a bar in Australia:

At the time I was in Melbourne, I instant messaged him and a few hours later we were at a bar in St Kildie having drinks and he was amazing myself and my friend with his amazing math ability.

Check out Scott on the History Channel Show Superhumans:

This is my clip on the History Channel Show Stan Lee’s Superhumans

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