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  • Posted on:December 3, 2013
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Ron White’s Christmas 2013 Memory Training and CD Special!!!

When shopping for Christmas gifts, you can purchase video games, shoes, clothes,
computers or toys. But what if you had a chance
on on Christmas:

– Buy a student the relief of stress from test taking

– Buy a student the confidence of giving speeches
without notes

– Buy a business person the skill of remembering names

– Buy a business person the relief from stress of
memorizing business information

– Buy student the confidence of speed reading

– Buy a business professional the confidence of reading
business books in 1/3 the time and recalling it!

– Buy someone the thrill of being able memorize poems,
quotes or scripture easily.

– Build friendships easier by recalling names

– Learn any new subject in 1/3 the time

Sleep better when you are well prepared!


For a LIMITED TIME (and maybe the last time) I am offering
an INCREDIBLE CD package for only $97

($250 Value

for only $97 SPECIAL until Dec 21st!!!)

You get and will learn:
– 10 CDs on memory training and Speed Reading
– How to build relationships by recalling names
– How to gain confidence speaking without notes
– Reduce stress as a student and remember more
– Memorize chapters of school books
– Memorize data from business conferences
– How to age with a healthy brain
– How to remember what you read
– How to learn foreign languages in 1/3 the time
– How to be.come a subject matter expert on anything in weeks
– Triple your reading speed (most go from 250 words a minute to 750)
– Routinely recall 100 digit numbers
– Students memorize history and science facts easily
– Business professionals remember presentation points
– Much more


10 CDs ($250 value for $97!!!!!! LIMITED TIME!! Offer ends Dec 21st!!!)

10 CDS (This package will NOT be offered again!!)

PLUS get for FREE:

– Ron’s pictures for common names

– Ron’s pictures for numbers 1-1000

– 100 page ebook ‘How to Me.morize Names, Numbers, Speeches, Playing Cards and Everything Else!’

$250 value

only $97 until Dec 21st!!

You are going to be amazed at your success and memory improvement!


Santa Clause

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