New Years Resolutions for Your BRAIN!!

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  • Posted on:January 1, 2013
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Well, most of us are making some type of New Years Resolutions. I guess we humans have decided there is something special about the calendar turning over and it deserves celebration and goal setting and you know what….I am not against that 🙂

It is like Opening Day in baseball, the season is fresh and everyone is in 1st place. Right now on New Years Day 2013 everyone is in 1st place. It is a fresh start, a fresh beginning. I have set some 2013 goals for my business: I want to create new products, grow my client list, speak at least 75 times, etc

But I have also set goals for my BRAIN! Goals to keep my brain healthy, fresh, quick and young. Afterall, I will be 40 in 2013. YIKES!!! FORTY!!!

1. I am going to cut back on sugar. Your brain needs sugar but not in EXCESS!

2. Exercise. Exercise is great for the brain

3. Eliminate Tylenol PM

4. Eat more curry. It has turmeric in it and that is good for your brain

Here is a short video I filmed on my resolutions

So there you have it. I hope that as your brain ages this year it actually becomes quicker, fresh, smarter and sharper!
That is my goal! Let’s defy the aging process together!


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