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  • Posted on:February 4, 2011
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My name is Ron White and I am America’s Memory!

If you are a fan of US History as I am, I believe you are going to be a fan of my new project America’s Memory. As a USA Memory Champion and memory expert I wanted to apply my memory skills to teaching something that I am passionate about…American History!

It was an honor to represent the USA as the national memory champion but it was an even higher honor to serve in the US Navy. I am proud to be an American and proud of our history. For this project I literally have traveled the nation (and even outside our borders) to tell the story of America.

I went to Hoover Dam and filmed American engineering building a modern marvel. I went to the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, The Alamo, Texas Ranger museum (law enforcement not baseball), the Supreme Court, Library of Congress, The US Capitol, Mount Vernon, native American ruins, filmed the Wright Brothers airplane and spacecraft from our space program.

It has been said that those who do not remember history are doomed to repeat it. My goal as a national memory champion and memory expert is to give tips to remember American History and have fun while doing it!

One of my favorite spots was Mount Vernon, George Washington’s home…wow…I walked in his living room and saw the exact bed where he breathed his last breath! The pictures on the wall were the same ones that he saw and I sat on his porch and looked out on the river as he must have done many times.

At the Smithsonian I saw the Wright Brothers plane – how cool is that?

At Hoover Dam I literally went INSIDE the dam and witnessed the power of the dam and heard the energy being harnessed. Ellis Island was a very moving experience as well. There were so many pictures of people doing anything they could just to get to America. It was inspiring and sad all at the same time.

I am not sure I can recreate the feelings of those at Ellis Island 100 years ago or the last moments of George Washington’s life in s hort video. But I can tell my experience and give memory techniques to remember it.

I believe this website will be a great resource and general fans of US History, plus you will learn some really cool memory techniques that you can use to memorize anything.

My name is Ron White and I am America’s Memory! 🙂

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