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  • Posted on:September 12, 2013
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Can we improve our memory by what he eat? A little bit sure I think we can. A LOT? I don’t think so. I think you really need a memory system for that. But, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t watch what you eat. If it helps your body it will help your brain. In the video below I list some great brain foods and also there is a surprise ending so watch the video ALL THE WAY THROUGH 🙂

Some of the brain and memory foods mentioned in this video are:

  1. Apples
  2. Water
  3. Pumpkin seeds
  4. Omega-3
  5. Fish
  6. Red Beats
  7. Curry (because it has turmeric in it)
  8. Onions
  9. Blueberries

Here is the video and I even include a clip from the Dr. Oz show where he and I discussed good brain foods.


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