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  • Posted on:August 21, 2011
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I arrived in New York a few days ahead of the 2011 USA Memory Championship as I usually do and stuck to my routine of staying at the W hotel just a few blocks from the Con Edison building where the tournament is held. Arriving a few days early allows me to relax and focus on the tournament but also arrive early so the day before if there are any travel delays it would not effect me. Another benefit is that I have adjusted to the new time zone by arriving a few days early.

Arriving early also gives me the opportunity to conduct any media interviews that may occur in the days leading up to the tournament. Before the 2011 USA Memory Championship I was interviewed by Time Magazine and they did a video story on the USA Memory Championship.

It was a fun video where they followed me around New York City and I gave memory tips. I used the example of how to memorize the presidents of the United States with the loci method or journey method. Using this system you basically memorize a journey through a house or around a town and then use these locations to store mental images that remind you of what you need to recall. I explain this method in the video in Times Square.

After my section of the video, they also followed Nelson who ended up winning the tournament.

This is a well done video on the USA Memory Championship and gives you an idea of what the tournament is all about.

I am honored and thrilled to be a two time USA Memory Champion

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  • Toni Lawrence

    at 9:06 pm

    Hi Ron,
    I didn’t know you were entering the tournament this year, and I’m sorry you didn’t win, but am so proud of you that you are continuing to keep an upbeat spirit. I’m sure you did well and learned a lot from this experience to help you in the next.

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