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  • Posted on:September 25, 2011
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Okay, I am not just a passive Texas Rangers fan. I have been a die hard fan since I was 8 years old watching Buddy Bell play third base. I would get a framed picture I had of Buddy and prop it up against my bed and with a marker in my hand (acting as if it was a microphone) I would pretend to interview Buddy after games.

My love for the Rangers has been very steady for 30 years. I once set my alarm for 2am when I was in Europe to listen to a Texas Rangers game online. No this wasn’t a playoff game or even an important game. It was a game in mid May in just another non playoff year. When the Rangers made the playoffs in 2010 I called 3 speaking engagement I had in AUSTRALIA and told them something came up and I couldn’t make it. Then I went on the road to games in Tampa, New York and San Francisco in the most exhilarating baseball experience of my life.

This year I am a season ticket holder so when they called and told me they were wanting to spot light a season ticket holder I was ecstatic. I was in Atlanta but changed my flight and took an early flight home to make the game. I couldn’t believe how nervous I was getting before the camera came over. I have spoken on huge stages and memorized numbers with intense pressure on national tv but I was soooo nervous and I knew all I had to do was smile!!

What an honor to be on this screen!!! The TEXAS RANGER’S STAFF ROCKS for doing this!!!! Here is the short 30 seconds of my time on the video board.

Next time you see me on the video board, I will be being introduced to bat for the Rangers. This may be one of my last blogs for Ron White Training. I do believe the Rangers scouts saw my obvious athletic frame when I was on the screen and I expect any minute now a contract to be offered. Until then I probably have a few more days as the memory guy….

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