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  • Posted on:October 31, 2014
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I have been on a lot of tv shows but without question my favorite was Stan Lee’s Superhumans. One of the main reasons is of course STAN LEE! This is the guy who created the Incredible Hulk, Spiderman, The Fantastic Four, etc. What a guy! He is in his 90s now and I think he didn’t create the Incredible Hulk until he was 40. Which is inspiring to me at the age of 41 myself.

Stan Lee's Superhumans

On the Stan Lee’s Superhumans show the host Daniel Browning Smith (the world’s most flexible man) took me to a Home Depot hardware store and we walked around the store for 2 hours putting items in the cart. Then we went to the cash register and scanned the items. Without seeing the prices I said what I remembered the price as being. On the first run through they said I made 3 mistakes. I was sure I hadn’t made any. So I asked them to do 3 price checks. They did and guess what? I was RIGHT! The computer had 3 errors in it.

Basically what I did was I simply memorized the product prices of the items which are numbers. In this video I show you how I memorized the product prices and at the same time memorized the numbers. Here it is

So obviously there was preparation work before I went on Stan Lee’s Superhumans. I had to memorize pictures for numbers. In the video above I describe a method called Character-Action-Object and it is a great memory method for numbers.

With that said you could derive a very simple number memory method by having pictures for single digits:

0 – Donut (shape)
1 – Pencil (shape)
2 – Duck (shape of neck)
3 – Pyramid (3 sides)
4 – box (4 sides)
5 – star (5 points)
6 – bullet (6 shooter)
7 – dice (lucky 7)
8 – snowman (shape)
9 – balloon (ballon and string look like 9)

Are you going to beat a computer on Stan Lee’s Superhumans with this simple single digit method? No. But it is a start to creating pictures for numbers. In truth, I created my images years (decades) before I was on Stan Lee’s Superhumans so start creating your pictures for numbers as soon as possible. You will find it useful to remember phone numbers, address, dates and more.

Being on Stan Lee’s Superhumans was certainly and honor and highlight of my memory training career. I will never forget it!

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