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  • Posted on:February 7, 2014
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I have been teaching people the Mind Palace for 22 years but it seems to of gained recent fame with the BBC television series Sherlock and the CBS show Elementary. Both are series depicting different versions of modern day Sherlock Holmes.

Sherlock in both the series has the great ability to observe facts that most over look and solve crimes. He also makes mention, at least in the BBC series of a ‘Mind Palace’. This is actually what I have been teaching for years and I refer to it as the memory palace or the method of loci or even the journey method.

In essence, you memorize a map of your home and use the furniture to remember data.

Quickly, take a look around your room and select 5 items: (the desk, bed, tv, stove, picture, etc). Hurry up. Do it.

go them?

Now say them forwards. Now say them backwards.

Now you have 5 items in your memory palace. The next thing you want to do is take the data you wish to recall and see it on these items. For example, if the first item is an apple see an apple crashing into the #1 piece of furniture. If the #4 word you want to recall is mouse see a mouse on your #4 piece of furniture. Now this of course is the most basic explanation of the Sherlock Mind Palace method.

How much can you memorize with this method? Check this out:


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