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  • Posted on:December 7, 2012
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Do I see myself as a speaker?… Nope.
Author?… Try again.
Memory expert?… No.
Memory champion?… nah.
Memory record breaker?….nope.
Entrepreneur?… Closer, but not exactly.
Instructor?… Getting colder.
Motivator?… Wrong.
Salesman?… BINGO!!

I am a salesman and very proud of that! This is how I see myself and the question is why don’t more people see themselves as sales people?

What about the talented musician who has the voice of an angel and can play a piano better than Liberace, but does not think that he is a salesman? I will tell you what – he will have to rely on getting lucky with a big break or hunt for a promoter. Or maybe the dentist who has opened up his shop and waits for the customers to walk through the door.

Most people will invest all their assets in marketing before they invest one hour in cold calls, yet cold calls is where it all starts.

First of all, you must get the belief through your head that we are all sales people. Whether you think you are or not – you are! If you participate in capitalism, you better see yourself as a salesperson or be dependant upon others for your success.

Next, abandon the idea that being a salesperson is below your dignity. Do you know what is really below your dignity? Not fulfilling your potential because you didn’t want to “lower” yourself to being a salesperson.

Realize that sales all begins with a cold call. Cold calling is not so bad. It is a great opportunity to get your foot in the door and at the very least open the prospect’s mind to your idea. After you do this for a few weeks a ratio will emerge and you will begin to see how many cold calls it takes to get a sale. This is when it becomes fun and you work to improve your ratio. Make it a game!

Understand that the difference between making a living and making a fortune in sales starts with networking referrals. Brian Tracy tells us that the average person has a sphere of influence (people they see at PTA meetings, neighbors, family, friends, etc.) of 260 people. If you don’t ask for referrals you won’t get them.

Close the sale! The salesperson who has a great presentation but can’t close is a conversationalist and conversationalists don’t get paid very well. At the end of your presentation give them an alternate choice close – “Would you like blue or red?” That is a close and non-threatening. Or simply ask, “Why don’t you give it a try?”

Finally, remember when a person is sold professionally, people enjoy it! I spoke recently at a real estate office in San Antonio. The sales manager stood up when I finished and said, “Wow! I don’t think anyone who was trying to sell us something has made us feel so good in the process!” I yelled from the back of the room, “I am a salesman!” He enjoyed being sold and so did his group because it was professional. When done right, the sales process should be fun!

Are you a dentist, musician, author, speaker, doctor, lawyer or anything without the title of sales? If you are, do yourself a huge favor and begin to see yourself as a salesperson! Making cold calls is not below your dignity. Not fulfilling your potential is what is below your dignity.

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