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  • Posted on:August 28, 2012
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I fly a lot….a lot…I spend 100 nights every year in hotel beds…Here are a few rules for flying that I believe if everyone followed it would make traveling a lot more peaceful and avoid people saying, ‘What an idiot!’ and wishing you were at home and not the airport.

1. Just because you are an elite status frequent flyer it doesn’t mean you are a celebrity. Get over yourself and get in line.

2. During security don’t make a fuss. They are just doing their job. It is a free massage and no one really cares to look at your body on the x-ray machine anyway. They are just doing their job. Again, get over yourself. How about this, they make 2 lines at the airport – 1 for people who are ok with current TSA standards and 1 who for people who don’t want that much security checks and they have 2 different airplanes based on which security point you go through. I tell you which plane I will be on and which plane I bet you want your kids on.

3. When your shoes, bags, lap tops, etc exit the x-ray machine bring them as far down the conveyer belt as you can to allow for more luggage to come out and everyone to start getting dressed again. Don’t stand there in the middle of the belt while the world waits on you

4. Don’t put your lap top bag, purse or other small bag in the overhead compartment. Put it under the seat in front of you. This just takes up space for legitimate bags and someone will have to check their luggage because you think you are freaking royalty.

5. If you are royalty, you should realize how silly it is to have a king/queen and relinquish your title

6. There are people behind you!!! At least look back to see if they are on a lap top or eating before you push your seat back. The seat only goes back a few degrees it isn’t that big of a difference unless you are the person behind you who gets their laptop crushed or drink in their lap. Again, you are not royalty nor are you at home in your recliner watching football. Deal with it.

7. We all get you want to sit next to your sweetie but don’t ask someone to move to a middle seat so you can. Figure out another way

8. Give the guy in the middle seat the arm rests on both sides of him. He is dealing with enough, don’t make him deal with your self centeredness as well.

9. Babies cry. It’s ok. You were one once as well. Bring some headphones and adjust. What is worse – a 2 year old who is uncomfortable/frightened? or a 40 year old who is uncomfortable and makes a big deal about it by doing their own form of crying? Cut the kid a break

10. Don’t put your coat next to your luggage in the overhead bin put it on top of it or keep it in your seat.

11. Wait your turn when exiting the plane…come on


Now fly safe and drama free….

You are welcome…

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