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  • Posted on:June 4, 2011
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Two time USA Memory Champion and Ron White memory expert t tells the story of flying around the world in 14 days!! ….no I don’t mean I went a lot of places…I mean I started in Fort Worth and continued to fly east until I landed back home in Fort Worth.



This was all for memory training talk on how to improve your memory. And the cities included:

New Orleans
Houston (layover)
Moscow (layover)
Kuala Lumpur
Hong Kong (layover)
Adelaide, Australia
Sydney (layover)
Los Angeles (layover)

What do I teach in these memory training seminars? Good question:

  • How to remember names
  • How to give speeches without notes
  • How to memorize chapters of books
  • How to memorize verses
  • How to routinely recall 100 digit numbers
  • How to build relationships by remembering details of people
  • How to get better grades with less effort
  • How to learn a foreign language in a flash
  • How to do the demos that the memory experts do

I love seeing the world and I love traveling talking about memory as ‘Ron White memory expert‘. But I also enjoying being home and for the most of June I now get to be HOME! I am very much looking forward to relaxing before I head out of the country again soon in July to Singapore and Malaysia for more memory training seminars.

If you are ever in Fort Worth let me know and we will grab dinner. If not, perhaps I will see you at an airport sometime 🙂

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  • Sherry Tanner

    at 4:27 pm

    About the clip:I wanted to hear more in your seminar! I saw you in the Dallas area 2010. You remembered my name and everyones in the room. Amazing!

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