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  • Posted on:December 21, 2010
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Who is Ron White Memory Guy?
By Ron White

How odd is it to write an article on yourself, explaining who you are? I feel like I am writing a profile for an online dating service! Ha!

But for those who are interested in a little of my history before they hire me to speak for their company here you go –

First of all I never thought I would be a memory guy. Growing up I didn’t get bad grades but there was no sign I had any special memory ability. Most people think I must have been a child prodigy….nope…not even close. I loved baseball and would have loved to of been a professional player, however I frankly I had no coordination. None…zero. So if I didn’t excel at sports or school in my early years what did I excel out…heck there must have been SOMETHING!? Well, there was….sales.

My first job was as a paperboy. I was newspaper carrier of the year an not because of my great customer service as a newspaper boy. Frankly I lacked the punctuality that defines a good paperboy. On the weekends the newspaper was supposed to be out by the time the sun was out and all too often the newspaper wouldn’t land on the front door step until 10am, noon or worse. So how did I get newspaper carrier of the year? My sales ability, not only would I outsell the fellow boys I outsold them by a large margin. I would average 8-10 sales a day and the rest would average 1-2 sales.

After the paper route, I moved to working at Taco Bueno and then when I was 18 years old I had my ‘big break’ that changed my life. One day at my Chimney Sweep job (as a sales person) I contacted a guy who promoted memory seminars and he hired me on the spot for my sales ability and that is how I got into the memory business. That is an important story because he hired me based on memory sales ability and not my memory ability. (and this means the average person can learn the memory system)

I have lived in the Fort Worth area most of my life. I grew up in North Richland Hills, Texas and lived in the surrounding cities for the large portion of my life. I spent time living in Houston and Seattle marketing memory seminars. In my early 30s I met a girl in North Carolina after giving a speech there and we dated for a year a half and I even lived up there for a while in Wilmington, North Carolina.

After 9/11 I joined the military as a reservist and served in Afghanistan in 2007. I was in Naval Intelligence and it was one of the highest honors of my life. I routinely wish I was back in the military and maybe one day I will be, before it is too late.

If you are ever looking for me and can’t seem to find me, if it is during baseball season – check the ballpark. And there you have it – that is my life, Ron White memory guy in a nutshell 

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