Rick Perry Forgets and Hermain Cain Has Brain Freeze

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  • Posted on:November 15, 2011
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Rick Perry couldn’t remember the 3rd point in listing the three agencies he would eliminate if elected President and then Herman Cain followed this up when locking up with brain freeze when asked about Libya. Let’s face it it happens to all of us and I am not throwing stones at either of these guys. On the other side of the political spectrum Obama can’t give a speech without looking at a teleprompter!

The good news is even the people who want to be President of the US (or are) are just like you and me. They experience brain freeze and forget. But why did Herman Cain really lock up when asked about Libya? Does Herman Cain not know anything about Libya or was he just not on his game? Why couldn’t Rick Perry list the third agency that he would eliminate? Surely he knows which one it would be?

In my opinion 3 factors can keep this from occurring for Mr. Perry and Mr. Cain (or you and me) by:

1. Controlling stress (good nutrition and exercise can do this)
2. Good sleep schedule (avoid sleep meds and alcohol before bedtime)
3. Memory training! Of course, you knew I had to mention it but it is soooooo true! With memory training neither of these candidates would NOT have locked up! Why aren’t they calling me right now?! www.politicalbraincoaching.com

Using the method of loci or the journey method would have solved their problems. Hey Rick Perry….Hermain Cain….HERE I AM. I am a two time USA Memory Champ. What more do you want. Now here is a video where I explain how Mr. Perry or Mr. Cain could improve:


And here is a video to show I poke fun at both sides 🙂

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