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  • Posted on:July 19, 2012
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Yesterday I received a call from a magazine doing a story on how to remember your credit card at the bar. In other words, not go home and leave your card. The magazine was Cosmopolitan, which is important to the story. They said their solution was to order drinks that only start with C and this would remind you of your credit card at the end of the night. To be candid….this sounds like a lousy memory technique to me and in nice words I told them that.

What was my suggestion? Glad you asked. I think it was a pretty good one too. Here it is…

When you open up your tab turn around and look at the front door of the restaurant/bar and select something that stands out in your mind. For example:
– a plant
– bench
– light
– picture
– wood trim
– poster
– railing
– steps

ANYTHING…Whatever catches your eye. Then imagine you are throwing your credit card over there and it is exploding the item you selected. Then turn back around and order your drink. And no, it doesn’t have to start with a C. Then at the end of the night when walking out you will pass that spot and if your credit card is not in your pocket this brain trigger will remind you.

I think this will work 100% of the time. And if you make it a habit that you do it every time you turn over your credit card this problem is solved.

Oh, by the way….it took me 24 hours to realize it but the magazine was Cosmopolitan and they were suggesting only ordering drinks that start with ‘C’… a COSMO! HaHa. Now, I see why they liked that method but I don’t recommend it. Unless you want to only order drinks named, ‘Ron White memory guy’ 🙂

Oh, and to remember your credit card…maybe just drink less too  😆

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