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  • Posted on:December 23, 2013
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2 Time USA Memory Champion, Ron White,

teaches Network Marketers to build relationships

Improved memory and brain function =

impoved productivity, profits and performance

How good are you at remembering names? Is it costing your network marketing organization?

What if everyone in your organization could remember 100 new names in the next 12 months?

Do you waste too much time and money relearning information from books and seminars? Is it costing you?

Ron White will share with you the same skills he used to memorize Martha Stewart’s magazine, beat a computer on the History Channel or amaze people in NYC on the Nat Geo show ‘Brain Games’

Videos below:

History Channel – Stan Lee’s Superhumans

National Geographic Channel – Brain Games

CBS This Morning with Nora O’Donnell


Ron White offers training to select network marketing organizations. Imagine the power of relationship building when you are able to recall names and faces.

How many times has it happened to you that you meet someone today and 2 weeks later you can’t remember their name?

How much revenue is it costing your organization?

What if everyone in your organization became the person who is known as ‘good with names’?

When Ron speaks for your group he will memorize up to 300 names in the audience (NO JOKE) and then give your group tips and skills where they can remember 100 new names in the next 12 months. THIS IS POWERFUL!!!!


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