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  • Posted on:December 29, 2012
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I get tons and tons of memory training questions.

After all, I have been teaching these seminars for 21 years now. YIKES! Can that be true!

I still remember that first seminar I taught at the Wilson World Hotel in Irving Texas….wow!

After all these years of teaching seminars people say, ‘Ron, can you use the memory files over and over again?’ In other words, ‘Do you create new files each time you want to memorize something and if you don’t then why not? Won’t you start confusing the material?’ The answer again is NO! You will not confuse the data and ALSO you do NOT create new files every time that you want to memorize something.
If you don’t understand the memory system I am describe and need background on it. Here is a good explanation

So here is the answer to that question

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