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  • Posted on:April 10, 2011
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Two Time USA Memory Champion and memory training expert Ron White shares his account of his memory training tour through Africa:

I was set to deliver 8 memory training talks in 4 countries over a period of 12 days and I was determined to make it a positive trip and…oh wow! Has it ever been positive!

My first talk was in Kenya where I was greeted by my friendly host Hasit. He had arranged for me to speak for students in the day and then teach memory training that night to his organization. At the event there were 80 people and 75 had Indian names I had never heard! Much to my own surprise I was able to flawlessly recall all 80 names! (Examples : Darsham, Rajesh, Kalpesh, Minesha)

Next up was Zimbabwe and I had a heck of a time getting through customs. When they heard I was speaking for YPO they asked what that was and I said, ‘Young Presidents Organization’. This sent a panic through the customs agents as that sounded like a political organization and with the tension in Egypt and Libya they didn’t want anything political. Much to my delight Kalpesh (from the Kenya event) was on the same flight and he came to the rescue and explained my situation. The event in Zimbabwe was a pleasure with about 80 people all there to learn how to improve memory. The ‘old’ currency in Zimbabwe was hit with TREMENDOUS inflation and I purchased an ‘old’ 100 Trillion dollar note for $4!!! I actually left Zimbabwe with over 300 Trillion dollars! In old Zimbabwe currency that is…but it is nice ‘kinda’ being a Trillionaire 🙂

In Cape Town (my 3rd stop) I woke up to see the beautiful Table Mountain outside my window and also a HUGE Lego statue! 🙂

We had a great event in Cape Town where I taught my memory training seminar for a group of about 50 students and amazed them as much as I could as a ‘ memory expert ‘. After the students it was on to 200 of the world’s top business leaders and when I say that I don’t mean casually…I mean very successful men and women.

My next stop was a place I had never heard of in my LIFE before I arrived. A small island nation called Mauritius in the Indian Ocean. It is a 4 hour flight from South Africa as you pass over Madagascar…and all I can say is WOW!! Sure I came here to teach a memory training seminar but memory training has been the furthermost thing from my mind since I arrived. WOW! I am staying at a resort called ’20 Degrees South’ (The Latitude line here) and it is magical!

Almost reluctantly I taken from my hotel to the event I was asked to speak at as a memory expert and conduct my seminar on how to improve your memory. The event was held at what residents of Mauritius refer to as a ‘castle’ I think in the USA it would be more of a plantation home or a mansion. Regardless, it was INCREDIBLE! It was constructed over 300 years ago by a Russian man and it is still in his family today. Yet, today the family has turned it into a place open to the public for tours and events. Incredible home!

Now, I am still enjoying 2 more days of beautiful Mauritius before I head to Johannesburg (or Jo-Berg) as they call it to teach my final memory training seminar of this Africa trip and then I head home! I will get to spend 40 hours at home in the month of April and it will be next weekend and then off to teach memory training seminars in Indonesia, Bangkok, Malaysia and Singapore. But for now, I am going to enjoy Mauritius and try not to think too far ahead….don’t want to miss too much of this beautiful ‘hidden’ island….

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