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  • Posted on:July 29, 2013
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I am on my way home from New York City where I just filmed an infomercial for a new memory product called Cognivance with Montel Williams!

He was such a super nice guy but do you know what I was really excited about? He was also former Naval Intelligence! He graduated from the US Naval Academy (I did not by the way, ha!) But I have such big respect for Academy graduates. Then the fact that we were both Navy Intel made meeting him just all that much cooler. He significantly out ranked me though. He was an Intel Officer, I believe he got out of the Navy as a Lt Commander. I left as an E6 (or in Navy terms and IS1). So of course, one of the first items of business on the infomercial was for me to salute Lt Commander Williams!


We started about 8am and by 11am we were completely done. He has arranged for a nice patio area in Central Park to be filled with about 25 ‘audience’ guests. I went around the room and got everyone’s name and repeated it. Montel tried as well and got 11 of them. I was very impressed with that! Then the group created a 30 digit number that I never saw and I memorized. Oh, if you were wondering the number was

781572183656012217318620936699 🙂

I said the # forwards and backwards and then I gave some memory tips the group could use to improve their memory. Everything from diet, to what I call ‘Brain Yoga’ and of course the method of loci system I teach. I am not sure how much of it will be used for the infomercial but I do know it was a ton of fun and I really enjoyed meeting Montel.



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