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  • Posted on:November 8, 2013
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One of my biggest goals right now is to become fluent in Spanish. I have so many goals and things I am working on:

  • Getting my online memory training program going (Black Belt Memory)
  • Writing my book about the Afghanistan Memory Wall
  • Building me email newsletter (ezine) list
  • Getting speeches, etc
  • Staying fit
  • just normal every day headaches

Just so much on my plate right now and that has put my learning Spanish on a bit of a delay. But I haven’t given up! Luckily for me I now have a fluent Spanish speaker working with me. Her name is Sarai and we are now putting out a series of videos on memorizing Spanish words. Yes, I did say MEMORIZING and not LEARNING. I know the difference is subtle but in my opinion memorizing is part of the learning process. You still have to learn how to words work in grammar etc and get it to be second nature. But I believe your memory is without a doubt a tool in the learning process.

In this video you will see how we memorize the words:

Escoger = to choose

Salir = to leave

Comida = food

leer = to read

So check out the video and memorize these 4 Spanish words…OH….SUBSCRIBE to my youtube channel!!



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  • Michael Browning

    at 1:04 pm

    Would you send me e-file on how to learn Spanish.


  • Jens Tanholm Sorensen

    at 7:15 am

    i have replied to the spanish email add in the video but have not received anything

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