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  • Posted on:August 12, 2011
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Any memory speaker out there would love to be on the Martha Stewart show and I am one of the few who has been.

It was quite and honor to sit beside the icon in March 2010 after I had become the two time USA Memory Champion. I have been on a lot of shows but I must say Martha (she lets me call her Martha! ha!) was probably the biggest name I had met. Let’s face it, 90% of America has heard the name Martha Stewart. I found her warm and friendly. Some of my friends said she was rude to me or harsh on me but I don’t think she was. After I had demonstrated that I had memorized every single page of her magazine she then began to quiz me:

What was the guys name who does make up for our show? What was he wearing?

What was the producer’s name? What was she wearing?

Well, it may or may not surprise you that I knew the females name (the producer) and what she was wearing but couldn’t tell you the make up artist Bradford’s name! 🙂

I am not the only memory speaker that Martha Stewart has had on her show. I heard that she had one on in 2008 or 2009 (but they didn’t say his name) then in 2011 the author of the book Moonwalking With Einstein Joshua Foer was on her show. So it does seem Martha has an interest in memory training and memory improvement.

In conclusion, I found Martha Stewart to be a very sharp, professional and fun woman. It was incredible to be interviewed by hear and I am just luck I guess that she likes memory speakers so well!

Here is the video of me on her show : (Oh by the way I would love to speak for your organization sometime!)

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