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  • Posted on:August 10, 2014
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Does Lumosity work? No personally I don’t think Lumosity ‘works’. But I suppose that depends on how you define ‘works’.

Is Lumosity fun? Yes. Can you improve at their games? Yes. Again, does Lumosity work?

However, because you are seeing improvement at THEIR specific games does that mean it works? I don’t think it does. As a memory expert myself with some decent accomplishments in the field of memory I can say from my point of view I would NEVER recommend Lumosity to someone to improve memory.

Here is a video has a great explanation on the perspective that I have on the question, ‘Does Lumosity work?’:

If you like brain training games then play them. But if you are looking for an improvement in your overall brain health I think they are a scam (yes I realize that’s a harsh word)

So here is the question. If brain training games just get you better at a specific skill (such as memorizing shapes), how helpful is it to memorize shapes in life? So, does Lumosity work?

If  you are looking to get better at a specific skill such as:

  • Remembering names and faces
  • Giving speeches without notes
  • Memorizing chapters of books
  • Learning foreign languages
  • Memorizing poems, quotes or scripture
  • Memorizing any specific topic

Then why not learn a skill (such as the method of loci) to learn how to memorize something specific that is useful.

Those are my thoughts on does Lumosity work?

memory training vs brain training games


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