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  • Posted on:December 21, 2010
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The best keynote speakers that I know

By Ron White

I have been speaking for twenty years and in that twenty years I have seen several dynamic keynote speakers and I have also seen many that I wondered how they ever got on the stage.

One of the best I have ever seen is no longer with us, Jim Rohn was a master life philosopher. He was far from flashy but his content was beyond superb. Sitting in his seminar you would no doubt have several ‘ah ha’ moments. You can no longer attend his speech, however, I encourage you to secure some of his training material for yourself at and exeprice him via DVD/CD.

My good friend Bryan Dodge certainly is a dynamic speaker and very entertaining who also delivers great content. He has a radio show you can find on WBAP 820am in Dallas on Saturdays. He will get your group laughing and learning.

I met Chris Widener in 2003 I believe. He was just transitioning into the professional speaking business from years in the ministry. I was amazed to watch him quickly surpass 90% of the speakers out there in terms of connections, books, speaking engagements and notoriety. He quickly rose to the top of the keynote speaking profession because frankly he is a very good speaker, however I would say that his content is even better. He is known as the leadership guy and has many books on leadership including my personal favorite ‘The Leadership Rules’ about a Texas high school football coach. Chris topics are varied although his best speech in my opinion is his talk on influence and leadership.

Marcus Luttrell, wow…what can I say. This guy is not a polished keynote speaker but he doesn’t have to be. He is a former US Navy SEAL who was attacked in Afghanistan along with 3 other members of the SEAL by well over 100 Taliban. Marcus and his fellow SEALs found themselves in a fight for their lives and hearing him tell his story is one that I will never, ever forget.

Jeffrey Gitomer, I like Jeffrey. He is a real guy and a die hard Philadelphia Phillies fan, but don’t hold that against him! If you are looking for a sales trainer and you don’t bring in Gitomer you are not serious about getting the best sales trainer. Everyone else is simply hoping to be Jeffrey. Bottom line…he is THE man in regards to sales training. Period.

Robert Kiyosaki, now Robert is a character! He is true to himself and on stage he owns the room, heck with his money he may LITERALLY home the room! I have had the opportunity to spend time 1 on 1 with Robert and I can tell you that he is a nice and good man that you would be happy to have as a friend. On stage he talks about finances and investing and has been powerfully successful about making money himself and teaching others to do the same. If you are looking for a guide to your money Robert is the man!

If you can’t get one of my friends a keynote speaker, I do hope you will consider me. I promise to educate, entertain and deliver tons of value in my talk on memory skills.  Selecting the right professional speaker for you event can be the difference between success and failure, here is wishing you a FANTASTIC event!

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