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  • Posted on:February 2, 2011
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How to Win At Any Competition

It is 5 weeks until the USA Memory Championship and I am full speed ahead looking forward to it! I wish the tournament were tomorrow! It’s not but I do have a prediction. I am going to WIN and I will WIN BIG!! (March 12, 2011)

‘Slow down’…you may say. ‘Not so fast…Sure you have won it two years in a row but to predict 3 years in a row is a little bold isn’t it?’ …Yes and no.

By ‘win’, I mean I am going to conquer myself and become the best Ron White that I can be. I will train hard (even when I don’t want to). I will adjust my sleep schedule, my diet and put hours of training in. In conditioning my mind and body I will have reached my goal of becoming a disciplined, focused, organized person who’s mind operates fasts and trusts his memory. When I hit these goals…I will have won regardless of the outcome of the tournament.

So yes….I predict a win for me…3 years in a row 🙂

My challenge to you is this – set your goals not for the trophy at the end of the journey but for who you must become in the process of getting that trophy. Then if you become that person you have already won and the trophy is just icing on the cake!

As I train for this memory training championship my success can be insured if I simply become the best Ron White that I can be!

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  • Stas

    at 1:06 am

    Hello from Russia, Ron!

    Good advice!

    Smth similar I heard from Jim Rohn: Set big goals and achieve them not for the trophy but for who you must become to achive big goal.

    Infact it doesn’t matter who said it, but it’s very good advice!

    My nearest goal is remebmer 11 thousands digits of Pi. I’ll achieve it in 10-14 days.

    I have question for you: how long does it take to improve speed from 5.5 min. in SpeedCards(1 deck) to 1-1.5 min. if I train every day 1-2 hours, have enough rest and great meals.

    Or how much time you spend to achieve you record in SpeedCards??

    Thanks a lot!

  • Simon

    at 12:26 pm

    Interesting read.

    I thought the same regarding the momentary level of competitions that has been raised that much by the Chinese.

    Many athletes, me included, will have to train much more seriously if we want to hold our own against this level of results.

    And since a new training regimen can only be achieved by getting used to a serious plan, this whole process might in fact contribute to a higher level of discipline and organization.

    2011 will hopefully be a really interesting World Championship.



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