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  • Posted on:April 28, 2013
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So you want to read faster?

Why? Well there are several good reason to speed read:

1. If you have to read anyway why not get it done faster!
2. The more you read the more your know. Knowledge is power
3. The quicker you know a subject the quicker you can move on to other stuff

How do you speed read? Well there are several tips and techniques ranging from using your hand to guide your eye, not vocalizing words, seeing groups of words as one or in chunks. I cover more of the well known and popular tips for reading faster in this video:

So that is how you speed read. How fast can you get? I don’t know but my guess is if you apply the techniques and strategies in the video above you should at a MINIMUM double your reading speed. Some people can read as many as 1,000 words per minute and my good friend Howard Berg who is known as the world’s fastest reader says that the one thing that slows him down the most is turning the pages! Wow!

Personally, my reading speed was near the average of 250 words per minute and with speed reading I doubled that. I think you will find that a typical result.
Have fun and read faster!!

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