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  • Posted on:August 26, 2012
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What do you want to memorize?

Names, numbers, chapters of books, foreign languages, formulas or something else?

The good news is you can. You can memorize anything you want. Really…

The core of the system goes back to an ancient memory technique known as ‘LOCI’. Basically this technique involves:

1. Number 25 pieces of furniture in your home then say them until it is 2nd nature that you know #8 is the table or whatever it is

2. Get a list of 25 words (anything…maybe Presidents of USA) and visualize these words on your furniture. For example, the #8 word let’s say it is a van. So see a van crashing into your table (or whatever your #8 piece of furniture is)

3. The more emotion and action the more chance you have of recalling it. This is why you can recall a car accident for 20 years. Action and emotion cement information into the memory

Here is a video of a 6 year old working this method to PERFECTION

Go to my product page to get more insight on how to remember anything using this memory method known as loci

I used the above memory method to win the 2009 and 2010 USA Memory Championship and become the 2 Time USA Memory Champion. It is the system that I used to set the record for the fastest to memorize a deck of cards and the record for the most digits memorized in 5 minutes (167).

What is your best memory method?

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