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  • Posted on:September 24, 2012
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For over 20 years I have been performing a memory demonstration at speeches that I speak at. I will go around the room and introduce myself to everyone I meet and then when in front of the group I will repeat everyone’s name from memory and as I do they will sit down.

I often get asked the question, ‘But what about FOREIGN names?’ My answer is always is, ‘It is just the same as American names. Exactly the same method but because I haven’t heard many of the names before I will have to create pictures for the names on the spot and that takes time.’ So, in reality I do it all the time with foreign names as probably 30% of my talks are out of the USA. Just in the current 2 week period I will do this demonstration in Italy, Germany, Nigeria and Ghana. Next week will be London but I expect that won’t be too tough 🙂

Check out this video of me memorizing names for this group in Nigeria. Then, keep in mind not only did I perform the demonstration but then I taught them how to do it. For an explanation of how YOU can do it too click the link at the end of the video.



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