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  • Posted on:October 22, 2012
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I am a 2 time USA Memory Champion. I have memorize a TON of information in my life and I can teach anyone to memorize almost anything.

I have a online game/applications that flashes words on the screen and then you can test your recall by typing in the words that you remember. There is a way that you can DRAMATICALLY improve your memory and recall in a game like this…or anything for that matter.

1. Starting at your front door # 10-15 pieces of furniture in your home. Then get to the point where you can close your eyes and mentally walk through your home visualizing the items

2. Then when you see the words in the game (or anything you want to remember) imagine the words interacting with the furniture. For example, if the 1st piece of furniture in your home is a table and the first word is a dog then imagine a dog barking at the table. If the number 2 piece of furniture is a lamp and the number 2 word is water imagine water being poured over lamp

3. Then to recall the data mentally walk back through your home. Here is an example of a little girl using this to memorize the Presidents.

Here is a video of me explaining more about this:

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