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  • Posted on:March 28, 2011
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Two Time USA Memory Champion and memory training expert and memory speaker Ron White shares how he can make anyone a subject matter expert overnight.

You don’t have to have a very long conversation with me to discover that I served in the US Navy for 8 years from 2002-2010. It is without question the highest honor of my life. During my time in the Navy, I served in Naval Intelligence and value my experiences and the knowledge about the world I gained.

Early in my Navy career I was in a school and they were teaching us how to give military briefings. They would assign us a subject (in this case a country) and then asked us to research it for 2-3 days and then give a classified briefing on the country. While some in my class were assigned Germany, Thailand or Kenya I received Israel….GREAT! There is nothing complicated about that country! This should be easy! 🙂

Over a period of 3 days I researched Israel and used my memory training to memorize details and facts about the country. In just a matter of days, I literally had hundreds of facts in my memory because I was using my memory training. Then when my briefing was over a Chief (kind of like my boss) asked me, ‘Petty Officer White, what do you do in your civilian career? Are you a professor at a college on Israel?’ I laughed and said, ‘No Chief I am memory training instructor and I teach people how to memorize anything and I just memorized this info over 3 days.’

The Chief was BLOWN AWAY that anyone could become a subject matter expert in just a matter of 3 days on a country as complicated as Israel.

Then a few years later, on a television show called, ‘Stan Lee’s Superhumans‘ on the History Channel they took me to a Home Depot and I memorized the product prices and then we compared my memory to the computer. Not only did I remember all the prices correctly…I beat the Home Depot computer!

In a few days, with memory training, I became a subject matter expert on Israel. In just a few hours, with memory training, I became a subject matter expert on Home Depot products and even once memorized Martha Stewarts magazine for a segment on her show.

The truth is that anyone can become a subject matter expert on any subject faster than they ever imagined but they have to use the correct memory training strategy. If you are needing to learn information FAST and become a subject matter expert overnight…don’t give up you can! Use the memory training method of loci that I used and teach.

Let me know if you have any questions!

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