History of Memory Training – Simonedes and the Greek Method of Memory

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  • Posted on:December 21, 2011
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So, did you know that the history of memory training dates back 2500 years. It is true! As the story goes (and it must be true because I saw it on the internet) Simonedes developed a method of memory he referred to as LOCI 2500 years ago after a tragic accident where the roof of a building collapsed and killed everyone inside. Sound like a crazy way to develop a memory method? Yeah, I guess it kind of does. But this 2 minute cartoon video below tells the story of how simonedes supposedly developed this method of loci or memory palace 2500 years ago to memorize information.

Check out this video

I have been teaching this Roman room memory method for over 20 years. You can apply it to giving speeches without notes, memorizing chapters of books, numbers, playing cards, poems, quotes, studying for tests and so much more. It is really incredible how powerful the human mind can be. I know people who have used this method to memorize a 400 digit that they had never seen before in 5 minutes!! Or a newly shuffled deck of 52 cards in 20 seconds!!! AMAZING!! This Roman room method is a great tool for anyone who is looking to improve their memory. In my opinion it is the best memory improvement system out there.

This is the exact system I used to become the two time USA Memory Champion!

Practice and let me hear about your success!


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