Gut Bacteria Affects Brain

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Growing evidence shows that diet and bacteria from the digestive tract can influence our thoughts, behavior, and mood.

Researchers have found evidence of “leaky gut” among people with depression. Gut-bacteria

Typically, the digestive system is enclosed by an impermeable wall of cells but is compromised by certain medical conditions and behaviors such as regular use of painkillers, inflammatory disorders, severe food allergies, alcohol abuse, or even exhaustion that then allow bacteria to enter the blood stream.

Displaced bacteria can activate autoimmune responses and inflammation known to be associated with depression, lower mood, and fatigue.

If leaky gut goes untreated it may maintain inflammation in depressed patients, which can amplify the symptoms of the disorder.

Adjustments in diet and behavior should treat “leaky gut” but is also treated with zinc and other anti-inflammatory medications.

It’s just another reason why it’s important to maintain healthy habits.

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